Your Dream Wedding In A Budget

Are weddings really supposed to be such an expensive affair? People take loans and become all borrowed out, just so they or their children can get  married! Surely, a wedding is your big day. Girls and even guys dream about this day ever since they were children and being teased by elders. Sadly, by the time they grow up, reality hits them and it so happens most of the time that the dream wedding they want is sadly out of their budget.

We are not saying give up on that dream wedding but just giving you a few tips on how to spend wisely for your big day!


Surely, we understand you want to send a fancy card. First impression is indeed the last impression and you want people to become awed by your wedding invite. You also want them to look forward to the wedding. You often want such a card that people will wonder how big an affair the actual event will be. Let us ask you, all those weddings card that you recieved, where are they? In the bin, right? Why spend so much on something that will be trashed later on? Pick out a decent simple card and get creative with it. There is no need to send chocolates with that invite! Totally unnecessary.


Having a marriage ceremony in the peak wedding season is a bad idea. Everything has over the top prices.  Pick an off season shaadi date! Yes, it might get hard convincing the families to set up the marriage in an odd month but tell them that it’s the best time. Off- season weddings have perks such as terrific deals are available on the hotels, discounts from the caterers, florists, etc. You can book the venue which was previously out of budget.


Find a location that doesn’t make you hire a particular caterer/DJ/photographer. The ones they recommend can cost way more than the ones you, yourself pick. You can also ask your friend to be the DJ! Who else would know the right songs to pick?


Read and remember, quality over quantity. You don’t need to have 10 dishes on the menu, trust us on this. Half of them will probably go to waste. Pick 3 dishes; chicken, meat and some vegetable along with rice and naan/rotis. For desserts you can go for Gulab Jaman. We mean, who doesn’t love Gulab Jaman! Everyone has a choice; nobody will be complaining how they don’t eat a particular item. Make sure the caterers you pick are good though, if the food is not tasty, you’ll have angry hungry guests to deal with.


Don’t serve cocktails or juices in the beginning. Keep water bottles instead. Water is always better than these other drinks and reasonable as well.


Those coming from other cities just for your special occasion deserve special treatment and a place to stay, comfortably. Hotel affairs are expensive. Instead of paying the daily hotel room, rent a farm house or book a couple of villas. It will be cheaper and more convenient! Everyone together in one location is always fun.


It is crazy how all these new things keep popping up. Remember the things you actually need and don’t fall for the ‘have personalized napkins on your wedding’ advertisements!


Go to a makeup artist you’re sure about, someone you trust. We have seen brides unsatisfied with their makeup even though they got it done from a big name. Please make sure whoever you pick, they first practice on your face before your big day to see what suits you and what you, yourself like better. Talk to the makeup artist first and don’t spend so much that you are filled with regret later on.


Let your close friends take care of this! Don’t spend on this. This is one affair that the best friends owe the bride to be. Just make sure you give the guest list.



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