5 Reasons You Should Watch Cake

We are beaming with pride as we see our Pakistani movie industry raising its bar. Not only is there an increase in the number of movies being made but the plots and story lines have changed with time as well. They only keep getting better!

Let’s talk about this movie we all are anxiously waiting for and why you should be looking forward to it!



Movie’s name usually discloses what the story will be about but here we are left clueless, what does this name, Cake is suppose to indicate? Cake is sweet, one of the favorite dessert. Cakes are source of celebrations and they come in different flavors! Does this movie reveal the sweetness of life? Or tells us how to enjoy every flavor of life? We are SO curious to find out the meaning behind this title till then we kill our curiosity by having a slice of cake.


Cast and crew always matters. This movie’s cast does not disappoint us! All the actors are known for their strong on screen presence and no doubt, they are amongst the best in the industry! We have two people debuting in this movie world; Adnan Malik, who makes his debut in the film industry with this movie and its Asim Abbasi’s directorial debut as well. So many firsts!

Amna Sheikh and Sanam Saeed are the leading ladies. Who are you excited to see in this movie? The characters seem interesting and the gorgeous faces will certainly do justice to their roles. They have also kept the brother’s character a mystery. Is it Adnan Malik or the Chalay Thay Saath’s, Faris Khalid?


Cake has made a new record to be the first Pakistani film to have a world premiere in Leicester Square, London. Talk about raising the bar way too high! No Pakistani movie has reached this benchmark, except for Cake. We bet its enough to convince you that should be watched.


What’s the genre?  Drama, mystery and romance. Another love story? No. This movie is regarding family and revolves around love and loss of life. The trailer engages us and makes us experience emotions which we never knew existed within us!We can relate to it in ways that are explainable.  The story centers on a dysfunctional family and we cannot wait to see how Cake unfolds the layers of life.


Lyrics taken from Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poem, Sajan Moo khay go straight to your heart! The video reflects the ups and downs of ones family life. Even if one just hears the song they can feel the depth to it and watching the video alongside, will make your eyes wet. Its an emotional roller coaster ride. Composed by The Sketches, the song is soulful and causes the listener to lose themselves in it. Sajan Mo Khay and Meri Duniya have already set our hopes high for this movie’s music.

This movie’s trailer is nothing like ever seen before in a Pakistani film! Be ready to hit the cinemas on 30th March to watch this one of a kind entertainer!


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