Get Your Everyday Look In 5 Minutes

Makeup is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some know all the whereabouts regarding makeup and the latest trends whereas some are least bothered or they just can’t get a hang of it. Everyone wants to look good. When we leave the house not looking our best we always hope no one we know bumps into us. Tragically that is the day we end up meeting everyone we know!

Here we give you an easy way out to be fit to be seen and this won’t take more than 5 minutes, we promise! You can call this an easy hack for all those out there who are least interested in makeup or have no time on hand to get ready and want to look fine on daily basis.


BB Cream is a moisturizer, foundation, and sunblock skincare product. Clear up those blemishes; give your face radiance in a minute! BB cream has sunblock which protects your skin from the sun rays, hence, no sunburn. You’ll get a natural look without being caked up with this 3 in 1 product.


Winged eyeliner is hard! Instead of black eyeliner try brown eye pencil. Easy to apply and makes your eyes gleam.


Enhance those lashes. The thick, dark lashes will compliment your eyes with that brown eyeliner.


This is entirely up to you, whether you want to apply kohl or not. We say keep this for special occasions or when you really feel like dressing up. See what difference one product makes!


Keep blush for particular events. Purchase a lip and cheek stain from Body Shop. It is a good alternative for those pink cheeks! Apply it on your cheeks and a dot on your chin and forehand, then rub it with your hands. Voila! Here you have those rosy cheeks.


Again not necessary but we say go for a high lighter! You always need a little spark in your life. A highlighter makes your face pop and it very well looks damn good. Apply to cheekbones, nose and upper lip; you’re all ready to twinkle.


No, makeup is complete without lipstick. This is entirely up to you what lip color shade you want to go for. If nothing over the top then go for a natural lipstick by Medora, Glossy 30 or carry Baby Lips by Maybelline. You can even use the lip and cheek stain by Body Shop on your lips.

Keep a check on time. Within 5 minutes you’ll be good to go!








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