This Research Suggests That Drugs Are Healthy

The use of any illegal drugs can be very controversial. However science and medical research has proven some drugs are actually medically beneficial to people with different sorts of illnesses. This can be a controversial topic for some, but today the Food and Drug Administration is permitting the use of some drugs that were once banned. Research is also occurring in many countries other than United States of America where drug policies are more relaxed in terms of medical use.  However self- medicating and using these drugs for your own leisure and without the assistance of a doctor or other medical professional can be dangerous. There are risks that can be involved, doctors strongly advise against the unregulated use of drug, which can do harm. However, medical research continues to find a number of benefits in drugs which can be very surprising. Sometimes drugs can actually be good for us.

Cocaine- A Topical Anesthetic, Laxative, and Motion Sickness Medicine

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The leaves of the coca plant have been credited with a range of health benefits. Cocaine can be used as a topical anesthetic for surgical procedures because of its numbering properties. Cocaine can also be used to treat minor skin conditions and problems related to the stomach which includes irritable bowel disease and other intestinal dysfunctions. Cocaine is also very famous for its ability to alleviate severe cluster headaches and even help people who suffer obesity and constipation.

Ketamine – Bipolar Disorder

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Usually known as Special K, this drug is not completely banned; however it is strictly regulated, and is used as a sedative. This drug can be sued on patients who suffer from bipolar disorder. It can take up to a week or few months for this drug to fully come into full effect.  This is mainly used on children, since it shows improvements immediately in their symptoms. This drug is also beneficial for people who have clinical depression. In studies this drug was able to repair neuron connections in the brain that had been damaged by chronic stress. Some doctors say that Ketamine is a magic drug.

MDMA – Reduces Anxiety, Eases Parkinson’s Symptoms and Treats PTSD

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Commonly known as Ecstasy this drug has been found to have health benefits in treating patients who have cancer particularly for leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. Research has proven that this drug when slightly modified has more powerful chances of destroying cancer cells than the original form of MDMA. More research is required to take this drug forward in developing a potential new cancer drug. This drug can also be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

Marijuana- HIV/AIDS, Cancer cells, mental disorders.

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Also known as Cannabis is probably the most widely used illicit drug in America. This drug has many health and medical benefits. This drug has shown to improve chronic pain as well as help people with AIDS to stimulate their appetite. It was also helps patients who have Crohn’s or any other mental health disorder. Although this drug is illegal, and doctors would recommend avoiding recreational drug use, because it can lead to health problems or ruin your own personal life and relationship. It is best to use this drug for medical purposes prescribed by doctors only.





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