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Wall’s Sandwich Ice Cream Is Back To Beat The Heat

Wall’s has a special emotional connection with us, Pakistanis. There is something about their ice creams. Even the tune which the ice cream man plays when he is on the streets with that ice cream bike is nostalgic, giving an immense feeling of childhood and wanting us to go out, stop the guy and purchase the ice cream. After all, in this heat who does not want some delicious ice cream?

In the early 2000’s Wall’s came up with Max Ice cream Sandwich, which was sadly discontinued. To our surprise, the Sandwich Ice cream has made a comeback to Pakistan!

Previously it was just vanilla flavor whereas now they have chocolate and vanilla together, this is one ice cream combination we all love. Easily available everywhere, people are excited to try it out. Some remember the old Max Ice cream Sandwich and are happy to see this new version of it whereas for few this is something new.

This cool summer snack is best to beat the heat and keep that tummy satisfied.

No, official advertisement is done by Wall’s Pakistan. People are sharing their opinions on social media and give awareness to everyone about this new item on the menu!

Till then enjoy this advertisement from the other side of the borders!


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