Giraffes At Risk

Sadly, the endangered species list has a new candidate, Giraffes. The long-necked are few steps away from being extinct. In the last 30 years, about 40% Giraffes have decreased in Africa.

The major cause of this threat is Anthropogenic. There are many reasons for this unfortunate event, habitat loss, civil unrest, recreational killing, climate change and predation. What is not known by most is that Giraffes are poached for their tails, yes, their tails are used as dowry when asking to marry a woman.

Abilene Zoo wants to increase awareness regarding this issue and hopefully will be bringing this problem into limelight and Giraffes shall may their way out of this danger. Abilene Zoo uses money collected from the Giraffe feeding deck to help support the conservation of the species.

American conservationists have found that Giraffes are being murdered massively for skin pieces, bone carvings, and even trophies. The estimated total has gone up to 3700 Giraffes being killed for these goods.

21st June is celebrated as Giraffe Day. We pray the Giraffes survive to be alive on their day otherwise they’ll just be another memory to be cherished.


Source- Big Country Homepage


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