Zayn Malik’s Instagram Facade

Last week, Zayn Malik wiped out his Instagram. People assumed it was one of those post break up emotions flaring in hence he wanted to take off everything related to his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Hadid. After their split, he got a break-up tattoo and posted it on his social media. Later he just swiped cleaned his Instagram, was it a way to follow the ‘Out of sight out of mind’ theory?

But it seems as if Zayn Malik has been inspired by Taylor Swift. Last year in 2017 Taylor Swift deleted off everything from her Instagram account before the release of her new album, Reputation. This album was a complete transformation for Taylor Swift.

Zayn right after a day of the mission clean up Instagram posted a video. Seems like social media has everyone addicted to it hence even the star could not stay away from it for long. On 8th of April, Zayn Malik posted a teaser of his upcoming work. The end of the video states  ‘Begins 4.12.18’ so does his caption on the video.

The teaser seems like a movie’s trailer, is Zayn now planning on taking up on acting? Or is it an entire new Zayn Malik we’ll be looking at from now onward? We don’t know but are really looking forward to more updates!


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7 months to go to figure out what this is all about! Till then everyone has their eyes on Zayn’s Instagram for more updates to this new project. 2 million views in 10 hours, damn! 2,955,813 views in a day. Yikes!


A new hashtag trending on it’s way #Z2YNIsComing. 12th April, we are anxiously waiting!

Agreed! It looks like a movie trailer, just so good!

So are we!


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