How To Comfort Your Best Friend After A Divorce

Sisterhood is amazing. It’s as if you’ve your better half whom you know shall never leave you and luckily your parents have no problem with this soul mate of yours. Through all the thick and thin, good or bad, you know you’ve got that one person to count on and vice versa. She’s your ‘I’d die for you’ person. You’re up to ‘do or die’ for her because she is just that special to you and probably means the world to you. You cannot even imagine her being sad but what if someone hurts her? Breaks her to the point where she feels she can never be healed? Obviously killing that person is not an answer, no matter how much you want to.

One gets mixed emotions when they see their bff getting married, don’t know whether to be sad or happy, one is just overwhelmed. Although, what’s worse is when you see that friend of yours in a toxic marriage and after some time the marriage ends, which makes you give out a sigh of relief but leaves your friend devastated.

What should you do at that time?


We understand you hate that man and for all the right reasons but right now your friend needs a shoulder to cry on more than an adviser. Listen to her; let her cry her heart out. The beginning is always the hardest, let her mourn.


Doesn’t matter if you’ve heard it a thousand times, hear it a couple of times more. Question her, if she say’s he was a good husband ask her how was he a good husband. Remind her the ways he ill-treated her, give her a reality check in a polite manner. Keep your calm; you’ll have to be very patient.


Make sure she has company all the time, do not leave her alone. We understand you’ll be having your own commitments but if not you then ask any cousin of hers or another close friend to accompany her, someone with whom she’s comfortable. At least for a week or two don’t leave her in isolation.


Gift her pet! Dog’s are a man’s best friend but in case she’s not a dog person or her parents won’t allow, then get her a cat or a hamster. This will cheer her up. The best part about pets is they give you the motherhood feeling and one starts taking care of them like their own child. That emptiness in her life will temporarily be filled.


Bring back the old memories, school/college times, stories about her exes and all the fun times. Make her realize how her life was so good even before she knew her ex-husband hence she does not need him to feel happy, she herself is enough and complete. Watch movies, have a chick flick movie marathon day, even better a spa day which gives her an entirely new look, a makeover.


Take her out. She grieved enough over someone who was not worth it, now it’s time you show what her value is. Change of atmosphere is good, a different environment will definitely boost her up. Try out new places with her, make new memories.


Once you see she has gotten better, throw her a divorce party. Invite all the close friends, dress her glamorously and throw her the best party of her life. Make sure it’s a private affair around those whom she is comfortable with. Also, do not forget a dance floor! One has to dance the night away in order to let loose and forget about all the troubles.


What was her dream that she forgot in the process of making that relationship work? Make her approach back to that dream and this time make sure she achieves it.


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