Women Keep Proving They’re Equal

The Aurat March that happened last month is still making waves. Seems like women have hit where it hurts, right at the fragile male ego. The slogans like “Ghar ka kaam, sab ka kaam”, “Khud khana garam karo“, “Consent ki tasbeeh roz parhein” and “Paratha rolls, not gender roles ” have been circulating over social media ever since and the men are not at all happy about it.


There are memes, statuses, a debate on the media ever since. Some understand the concept whereas others are offended and are not willing to understand the entire idea behind the Aurat March and feminism.

This guy nailed it!

It’s been 4 weeks and most people are still not over the Aurat March, and are involved in slut-shaming and body-shaming…

Posted by Sumair Aasani on Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Feminism is for all. Although, this idea is crystal clear but still few men are not able to get out of the narrow mindset and broaden their horizon.

Steel Man tells us about Islam, how enlightening.

Maybe because they don’t have the same issues as the women in Pakistan

When will body shaming stop!

It surely has.

Then there are people like her.

Such confessions.

The phrase ‘khana khud garam karo’ is making waves and men have lost their calm with that and have started coming up with such answers.

Khud Khana Garam Karlo | Funny Video

Khana Garam Karne Me Kia Problem Hai? | PART ONE FOR PART TWO: https://bit.ly/2GyslegStarring:Salman ParekhHamza Syed a.k.a The Brown Rant Guy

Posted by Maansals on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Recently what went on social media was that blue-collar workers were holding slogans saying ‘Ao Shana Bashana.’  This was an attempt to degrade the women and show them that they cannot be equal to men hence, this was a challenge. Whoever did this did not know that women are already two steps ahead of them and what they’re challenging for; females have been doing that since a long time only if they’d use their eyes and not their ego to see the world.

Women labor exists.

Surely, too busy beating the donkey to know that females have been using donkey cart as a vehicle.

Really? Ask the men who do they run to when their buttons get unstitched or when they tear off their shirt pockets definitely not to the males in their house.

Women can and they have been doing it.


Females very well know the difference between rotten fruit and fresh fruit.

This picture speaks for itself, the way that man is looking at the women bus conductors. Need we say more?

Who knew even now people would be arguing over this. On 8th March, Aurat March took place today is 10th April and the public still cannot let go. It’s been an entire month yet every day something new surfaces related to this topic. For once can people just agree to disagree? Or is that too difficult?



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