11 Times Syra Shehroze Slayed

Saira Yousuf Khan, better known as Syra Shehroz is a Pakistani actress model and former VJ. She has bagged two awards. In 2013 she won Most Beautiful Smile by Veet Celebration of Beauty Awards and in 2016 she recieved Most Stylish Actress’s award – TV by Hum Style Awards. Recently, Syra also walked as the showstopper for Farah Talib Aziz at FPW18 Day 1 and she looked downright sunning with her mother!

October 21st 2012 she got married to Shehroz Sabzwari and broke many hearts. Saira is pretty, quirky, smart and from nowhere looks like a mother of 3 and a half year old daughter. This woman is giving us some major goals and it seems like she’s not breathing the same air as us since the woman just keeps on getting prettier by every passing day.

Here are few other times when Syra Shehroz gave us the lessons to fashion and style.

She landed with the Most Stylish Actress award for all the right reasons. She looks so amazing carrying this dress by Shehla Chatoor so effortlessly.

Here, she’s flaunting an FTA dress and not just that she looks chic, the actress also looks downright stunning.

✨ @farahtalibazizdh ❤️

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Beauty in black? Hell yeah!

Best in black 🖤 @zarashahjahanofficial

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As simple as this picture is, it holds so much power to move you with just that one look. Do you agree?


Doesn’t she stand out from the rest in that classy saree?

She can wear Black and White and make it look like a million bucks. The mustache adds a whole new level of adorbs!

@shahrozsabzwari the botox that you love so much 🌚

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She’s fun and is not afraid to show it. Can’t imagine getting a picture snapped like that let alone posting it on social media.

Judgemental much Syra Shahroz!?

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A casually chic look.

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A plain t- shirt a jeans, anything she cannot look good in?

My crazy sunshine ☀️ #morninglove

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She did make a very pretty bride. Didn’t she?

Again. @jaffer.hasan

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