Sanam Baloch Is Happily Married

The popular morning show host, Sanam Baloch has been in the news since morning, stating she has parted ways with her husband, Abdullah Farhat. Not that her personal life is any of our concern but the gossips are endless and sadly we’re the kind of a society who loves to take interest in other peoples lives.

How did this tittle-tattle take place? So, what happened was that Baloch changed her surname on Instagram. Her Instagram handle went from Sanam Abdullah to Sanam Baloch Hisbani and that was all that took for the public to make claims of her separating ways with her husband.

Sanam Baloch’s PR cleared the air saying  “There’s nothing! News about Sanam Baloch’s divorce are merely fake rumors and nothing else” adding, “People are speculating because of her changed username on Instagram. That was done because she wanted to keep her surname and cast under the light.”

All those heartbroken fans don’t worry, Sanam Baloch is happily married since the past 4 years.

Do not believe everything you see on the internet, most of it might not be true at all. Do your homework, research thoroughly and then make a claim. Nowhere is it said that if a woman changes her surname, her relationship status will also change. We as a nation really need to keep our nose in our own business and not go on spreading false rumors which may hurt or defame someone else. We wish the best to Sanam Baloch, and hope she stays happy with whatever decisions she takes in life. Thick or thin, Sanam Baloch your fans will always be there for you.


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