9 Comforting Poetry Books

‘Books are your best friend’ something we all have grown up listening to. What is so special about books? As Stephen King says “Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Reading makes your imagination creative, the stories you read, they paint a picture in your head which is a different feeling. When the author writes the word ‘handsome’ you can construct a picture of a man who is handsome in your opinion. Reading gives you the authority to control how a certain scene could be executed. Books make you brainstorm and think beyond limitations.

Although, despite all the pros there are still few people who just cannot seem to fall in love with reading. People have less attention span hence they cannot concentrate whereas few just find it boring. We understand in this modern lifestyle people prefer watching movies over reading books, especially when the movies are inspired by books. We believe one should read hence we have listed  down 5 poetry books, which will have you engrossed within them that you won’t even know where the time went.

I WROTE THIS FOR YOU pleasefindthis by  Iain.S Thomas

I Wrote This For You, is a compilation of personal, unnamed poetry and photography. The poetry in this will make you connect to the words written on that paper.

Even if you write down everything that’s ever crossed your heart, there will still come a day when none of your words can explain how you feel.

This is an emotion we all have felt, when words seem to jumble up and you just don’t know what to say in order to explain the volcano erupting inside of you.

SOFT THORNS by Bridgett Devoue

This is a long poetry book but it is very easy to read. Soft Thorns tells us stories of love, heartache, liberty, oppression, sexual assault, prejudice, hope, and humanity.  If you’re going through heartbreak you NEED to read this.

I want a love that will stay young forever.

Don’t we all want a love that lasts till eternity and still feels like we are living the high school romance.

HER by  Pierre Alex Jeanty

Her, is a collection of poetry and prose about women, their strengths, and magnificence. This book will make you say, who needs therapy when there is poetry. This poetry book might just make you want to cry with all its empowerment and how you deserve so much better and more.

She did not choose to be alone; she simply chose to love herself more, and that required her to be the love of her own life, until someone comes along to fill that position.

Self love is the best love.


Milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival. It is about the experience of violence, exploitation, love, defeat, and femininity. This is an incredible work of art by Rumi Kaur.

If the hurt comes so will the happiness.

Surely, everything is temporary.


Every poem is thoughtful and moving and an absolute delight to read. A collection we believe most people will be able to bond with. You’ll find yourself smiling, laughing, and tearing up as you read. It builds a connection with you in ways that even you can’t describe.

I do not see weakness in placing your heart on your sleeves; I see bravery in a world that can be cruel. I see something raw and beautiful in being as honest as you can be.

It’s okay to be vulnerable.

BEAUTIFUL CHAOS by Robert M. Drake

This book utilizes the near strategy to comprehend societal crumples to which natural issues add to the basic youth and society in general. The author has tackled many problematic occurrences in the society highlighting the youth, most like heartbreak. Solid writing and beautiful poems will speak to you through this book. This book will teach you that you have too many choices, and you need to decide which option to go with.

“One day you will make peace with your
demons and the chaos in your heart will
settle flat. And maybe for the first time,
in your life, life will smile right back at
you and welcome your home.”

Drake’s on the whole point is that in spite of all of this chaos, life is still beautiful.

EIGHTEEN YEARS by Madisen Kuhn

Do you remember when you were 18? Trying to figure out what life is. This book was published when Madisen Kuhn was 19. It will help you to say the expressions that feel trapped in your chest. This novel is very deep and makes you read through your thoughts. This book is full of emotions and thoughts. Madisen talks about relationships, anxiety, misery, strain and all the things teenagers deal with.

you can either let

it eat you up inside, or

you can conquer it.

As Kuhn says, “It’s a hug in book form.”


The whiskey would help, the words would ease the pain and the shovel is the answer to bury the past. R.H. Sin puts himself in the shoes of the women in relationships and encourages them to see their self-worth and depart from toxic relationships and friendships.

nothing is louder

than overthinking

after midnight

Midnight is the time when our demons come outside.

THE NECTAR OF PAIN by Najwa Zebian

Najwa’s poetry in this book is about heartbreaks and yearning for that special someone. This piece of poetry is when the waves of pain become too much for you to handle, curl up with a cup of coffee and let this novel comfort you.

Never change your heart just to change who loves you

This book is a healer.


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