These Popular Celebs Talk About Body Positivity

While several women are obsessing over reaching a size zero and are tired of body shaming solely because of some extra pounds, there are women who are aware of the fact that being too skinny or too chubby is not where the entire world ends. Life has more meaning than that. Things like career, family and education hold a lot of importance as well.

Sadly, there are women out there whose sole purpose is to fit in a size zero dress whereas size 12 is equally perfect. We at Women’s Own decided to take this matter in our hands and approach the prominent members of our entertainment industry, and ask them what their take is on body positivity and body shaming. We are sure that most women would appreciate the work these talented celebrities do and few even look up to them. Hence, these women just might change your perception.

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Ayesha Omer:

She is renowned for playing the quirky Khoobsurat in BulBulay and rules over the hearts of several young men. Omar has also given countless women various tips and tricks to get that hourglass body. She is not only a phenomenal actress but has a nightingale voice as well, and proved that in her debut on Coke Studio. Ayesha Omar has also shared on a lot of morning TV shows how her mother’s skin disease helped her she find the elixir to a fit body. We got in touch with Ayesha and asked her to share her perception on body positivity. She says, “I feel in that in our society and not just our society but the entire world now has the access to everything that internet has given us. I’m not just talking about girls; I’m also referring to guys. In our society we grow up with a lot of body shaming and a lot of criticism and there’s less positive reinforcement about the way you physically look. You face body shaming in every phase of life and in every industry and not just me but everyone faces it. You come across aunties who tell you that, oho patli/moti hogai ho, oho kaali hoai ho, isko theek kero. There’s constant scrutiny on your body and I have to go through that 10 times more as compared to a girl who doesn’t come on TV. To avoid all the body shaming and criticism, you need to surround yourself with people who have positive energy and you need to be pro active and change that image that you have about yourself. Indulge in exercising and eating habits and that’s exactly what I did. You need to start somewhere. If you don’t have time to work out, start yoga and meditate. Just take time out for your own body. Think positively and you’ll notice how your mindset will change.”  We think Omar should be a therapist! These words are something that you should keep in mind next time you come across someone who’s telling you that you’ve gained weight or have gone tan.

Faiza Saleem

This lawyer and comedian have impressed all of us with her phenomenal work and terrific acting skills. The Parchi star is so confident that it gives us major goals! She’s popularly known by her humorous videos on social media which comprise of various social issues within Pakistan. Apart from that, she also performs at Thot Spot and with the group called Khawatoons. Besides her hilarious videos on Facebook, she is a part of the improv group, The Platoon, which performs bi-monthly at the MAD School. We inquired from Faiza about what exactly body positivity means to her and her response was something along these lines. “Don’t let your size stop you from chasing your dreams. Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 20, the end goal should be to become and stay healthy and happy. Meanwhile, do everything your heart desires.” If someone who’s THAT successful is giving you advice, then it might mean something right? So, if you ladies look up to her, keep her ideas in mind the next time anyone tries to put you down.

Hareem Farooq:

Smile, just because! 🦋

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Another actor/producer that we approached was the star of Dobara Phir Se and Parchi and our February cover girl who gave her own set of advice when came to body positivity. After acing the TV screen, she went an extra mile to flaunt her skills on the big screen. Farooq has previously slammed people who criticized her on her weight. When requested to share her opinion, Hareem stated “body positivity is all about confidence and it does not matter what size you are or how tall and short you are. It is all about loving yourself and the day you start to take care of yourself like you’d do for someone you care about; you’d start feeling a good and positive change in your body. Even if that change is gaining or losing weight or even just having a fresh face and skin because whatever you feel inside of you, it starts showing on your face and I think that’s important, it’s vital to feel good about yourself in your heart, in your mind and channel all the negative energy out of your body. For me it should be like a detox. Everyone should have a detox for negative people and negative thoughts and focus on all the right things and positive energy and learn how to love yourself! So, in a nutshell, according to Hareem, all you need to do is fall in love with your appearance and this is coming from someone’s who has already dealt with awful comments on her body and learned to let go of them like a boss!

To conclude this entire debate on body shaming and positivity, here’s one of our favorite quote: “Your self-esteem won’t come from body parts. You need to step away from the mirror every once in a while, and look for another reflection, like the one in the eyes of the people who love you and admire you.”

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