Team Meesha Or Team Ali?

Meesha Shafi’s serious allegation of sexual harassment against Ali Zafar has definitely set off a serious debate and the public seems to have taken clear sides.

Team Meesha Shafi:

A lot of other women encouraged by Meesha’s break the silence movement have come out with personal incidents of sexual harassments at the hands of Ali Zafar. Apart from the general public, blogger Humna Raza tweeted about her incident where she was harassed by Ali Zafar when she approached him for a picture as an innocent fan. Momina Mustehsan also showed solidarity toward the #MeToo movement and voiced her experience through twitter.

Team Ali Zafar:

As much as there are people who are siding with Meesha Shafi there are others who have questioned Meesha’s truthfulness from the fact that she had kept quiet for so long and only now has made the public aware of this incident. Some also called Meesha’s allegation a mere publicity stunt and are of the view that Ali being a father of a daughter and husband to his wife could not possibly do such a thing. A lot of people also said that Meesha’s word cannot be taken as final and have demanded “proof” of the incident. Ali’s female band crew members also stepped up in favor of Ali and posted on their twitter that they were present at the spot Meesha claims the incident happened and that no such incident took place.

Celebrity Hamza Ali Abbasi also tweeted on the #MeToo movement; even though he did not take clear side his tweets signal that he too is on team Ali.

Latest news is that Ali Zafar has sent a Rupees 100crore legal notice to Meesha Shafi for the defamation she has caused him. While Meesha’s attorney has dismissed the notice things have taken quite an ugly turn between the two celebrities. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Only time will tell.


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