An Easy Guide To Your Makeup Routine

Makeup can be pretty appealing and intimidating thing for some people, including myself. There are numerous makeup techniques, the right kind of makeup brushes, high-end makeup and also keeping up with the trend. The coolest thing about makeup is that you’re not bound or restricted to do it in a specific manner; in fact, you can do it however you want to. Either you cover your whole face or just the specific area like eyes, lips or just cheeks just to enhance your features.

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What matters is that you feel confident in what you’re doing.


The more frequently you do it, the faster you’ll get the hang of it. Nothing appears to be easy at first, but eventually, you get the idea. If you’re terrible at contouring then keep practicing every day until you get it right. If you want to learn a specific technique then you need to exercise it repeatedly. If you think that’s not enough then you can take help from online makeup tutorials or makeup classes.


The foremost thing is that you do makeup for yourself! If you’re applying makeup because you’re not confident then you’ll never feel comfortable. The society has portrayed that it has become a need to do makeup, for social belonging or if you want to impress someone and you think he/she might notice it and possibly give more attention.


If you’re a Newbie to doing makeup then you need to go with the flow. Don’t rush up to doing complicated techniques or feel pressurized to wear more than you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to go from bare-faced to full makeup face overnight. If you do it step by step then gradually you’ll know where you stand.


Just because something is trendy, doesn’t mean you follow it or go crazy about it. If for instance, Purple lipstick is on trend, it’s not necessary that you also try it or it will suit you. You should do something, staying in your comfort zone. Try experimenting with new trends, colors, and techniques but don’t force yourself to fit in that trend where you’re not comfortable.


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