10 People Found In Every Flight

Getting a window seat seems like an accomplishment but what’s even better? A flight that has serene passengers letting everyone on the plane have some peace of mind. Traveling is fun; a long flight is tiring but whats more irritating is the loud company with you on the flight. If you’re a frequent flier you must have come across these citizens in the flights and if you travel once in a while we are still sure you must have encountered such people because let’s be honest every flight has such 10 passengers.

The Elbow-Space Hog

Consider yourself lucky if you are not sandwiched between such people, nothing is worse than that, especially in a long flight. Not only are their elbows invading your space, but you’re left to awkwardly sit with your hands in your lap. Talk about an uncomfortable flight.

Full Volume Headphones


This person may not make conservation with you but he’ll make sure you know what his taste in music is. Headphones on, volume up, that’s how these music lovers love to travel. You think you’ll have a pleasant quiet flight but sadly you’re mistaken because their playlist shall give you a headache by the end of the trip.

Flight Virgin


They are either bewildered or excited, there’s no in between. The first time traveler will look traumatized, confused as ever not knowing what to do or how to do it. Even calling the air hostess is a huge task making the palms sweaty or being too happy and smiling at everyone and exploring the aircraft. Such passengers get on your nerves either way because if scared you’ll have to calm him down out of courtesy and if all happy and chirpy then you don’t want to be the spoilsport who ruins someone’s first experience.

Picture Please


This one person is someone who leaves no opportunity to snap a picture or make a video. It’s like you’re being documented every second and just when you feel like he has stopped you hear a voice ‘Can you please take my picture?’ Clearly, your facial expressions are not enough to give the hint or maybe he’s too bad in reading someone’s face. Discovery channel should hire such people; they’ll get all the details on camera.

Sleep Deprived


This person is either jet lagged or had a long day hence could not sleep so he takes this flight as the perfect chance to score some sleep. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But when the sound of snores accompanies the closed eyes that is when you realize this will be a long journey. Whereas some people snuggle, you’re enjoying your time and suddenly a headlands on your shoulder. That is an awkward moment and you really don’t know what to do, you’re trapped. The worst is when the sleeper is on the aisle and you want to get out but you can’t because you don’t want to disturb his sleep. So, you sit praying for him to open his eyes till then you’re stuck in your seat.



Its okay to chat but it is not okay to make the next few lanes hear what the conversation is about. Such people have no concept of lowering down their voice, they have to be loud and go on about their life stories with the next passenger. God knows how many people’s life stories we have come across which give out a little too much of unwanted information.

Can’t wait to get off

As soon as the plane lands and announcement is made, this one person is all ready to leave. Although it is said to ‘wait’ as the exit doors aren’t open but this human has no patience, he just cannot wait to get out or stop asking when the door will be open.


You have the ‘I have killed you twice in my head’ look but she just won’t take the hint. This woman has to strike a conversation otherwise her trip seems incomplete. If you give short replies, she’ll ask more questions, if you answer properly she’ll take it as you’re enjoying her company hence the chattering won’t stop till you reach your destination.

Crying babies


This is natural; we do not blame the parents for traveling because it’s their right as much as it’s ours. However, what’s not right in the scenario is where parents pay no attention to their child. They believe he’ll stop crying if ignored, sadly that just makes the baby more hyper. Also then where few of us understand there are others who keep getting irritated and start passing remarks on the struggling parents. This makes the situation really awkward.

Can we switch seats?


This request is fine when a family is together and they want to sit together but what about those who want your seat because they don’t like the seat allotted to them? All you say to such a person is ‘no.’



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