10 Crazy Post Break Up Stories

Breakups are heartbreaking. You feel like you’ll never love again and this heartache shall last a lifetime. Although life has a funny way of proving one wrong; sure, you’ll cry in the beginning but by the end of the day, you’ll be laughing for wasting your tears on someone who was so not worth it. Flogging a dead horse is not wise and smart are those who understand that on time. You must have heard sad post break up stories and today we present to you 10 women who refused to be damsels in distress. They said boy, bye and walked out with their heads held high.

New Hair Who This?

You know how they say a good haircut is a blessing. Well, guess what Maryam did after her 8 months relation ended? She went and got her hair dyed blonde! We wish we had such courage.

Break Up is The Best Thing To Happen

Fizza’s story is sad in the beginning with an end which gives us tears of joy. She was stuck in a toxic relation for the longest of time which lead her to depression. A woman who did not step out of the house without her parents’ permission packed her bags and left for a trip with her cell phone switched off. During that time she rediscovered herself, saved another woman twice from being harassed by thrashing the men, showered under the fountains, and did everything she never thought she’ll ever do. After 12 days when she returned she was an entirely different person.


This one is our favorite, Sofia tells us, she ‘wrote “player” on his boxers in the biggest black marker I could find and sent them to his mum.’ Women like her give us encouragement.

Burn Those Memories

It is hard to get out of an abusive relationship, we are just glad that Shifa had enough of crying and let go a yearlong relation just the way Kareena Kapoor taught us in Jab We Met. Shifa shares with us “I burnt all of the memories of him and my ex-friend who took his side too. It was a nice bonfire, roasted some marshmallows over it and had it with chocolate and biscuits.” This sounds so comforting.

Food Love True Love

One love that’ll never betray you is food. Bina shares her experience where after 1.5 years of dating she parted ways from the relation and went to celebrate it at a pizza joint. ‘Not because I was happy but pizza heals everything,’she said. We relate to her on so many levels.

Miss Independent

You know what’s worst? Being with someone for 8 months and that person just vanishes out in thin air as if he was never there. Madiha Hasnain had her priorities straight, ‘got the most hectic job of my life where I worked 10 hours every day and 36 hours straight twice a week. That didn’t help so I went on a solo trip, partied so hard that I had a hangover almost every morning.’ Seems like straight out of a movie story.

Travelling Is The Answer

Ever thought about leaving everything and going out of town? This girl did that after she found out the guy she was with for a year was engaged! Talk about a nightmare coming to life. How did Javeria Wasim cope up? She went on a solo trip to Lahore for 2 days.

Post Break Up Make Over

Makeovers make everyone feel better, a change in life is good especially when you let go of the toxicity in life. Hafsa went for a Pixie haircut and healthy lifestyle, managing to lose around 15 kgs! It was a complete transformation and we are sure that the guy was full of regret at the end.

Crush Crash

Urooj was in a forced engagement; yes even today such important decisions are imposed upon. 6 months down the lane it was clear that the relationship could not work out. So, what did Urooj do right after? “Went and confessed my feelings to my crush. Would never have done it in a sane situation as it would be super awkward.” How cute is this post break up story? The crush did not give a positive response though.

Distraction Please

Not all post-breakup phases are wild and adventurous. We are sure we all know that. Here we have a story which makes us say ‘We know the feeling.’ Ateeqa Ahmed shares her story, ‘my fiance broke the engagement few weeks before marriage. You can imagine the hurt and pain it caused. I became a workaholic. Not as crazy as going on a solo trip because of family restrictions. But somewhat crazy because I started working 2 jobs, used to leave home at 8:30 a.m and come back at 10:00 p.m. Not to mention the emotional roller coaster I went through.’ The purpose behind adding this experience is to let you women know crazy is not only doing something absurd but it is also losing a track on yourself and getting yourself so occupied that you have no time to breathe.


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