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5 Pre-Schools In Karachi That Topped Our List

The emotional, social and physical development of young children has a direct effect on their overall development and how they will become as adults. That is why understanding the need to invest in very young children is important, so as to maximize their future well-being.

The foundation of a child’s growth really depends on how a parent/teacher builds it. From basic ethics to language learning, every child needs that certain push to get exactly where his/her parents wish to see their kid in future. It’s understandable that the basic education of a child begins at home, but a school also plays a crucial role in building your child’s character.

We at Women’s Own wanted to share with all the mothers out there that we have picked out these schools that just might reduce all your ‘looking for a school for my toddler’ problem! Not just they’re budget-friendly, but they also strive to provide your kid with top-notch learning techniques. Also, they are versatile when it comes to extra curriculum activities.


Links Pre-School is affiliated to the Pre-School Learning Alliance in England and offers a holistic approach to early childhood education with an emphasis on Montessori and learning through play.
The children engage with resources designed to promote interactive structured play and get the opportunity to learn everything in the concrete.  “What I see, I may forget; What I hear, I may remember; What I do with my hands, stays with me forever”  is an apt saying that sums up all learning at Links.  At Links, children are given every opportunity to build their self-esteem and confidence and are encouraged to cooperate and interact with each other in a safe and stimulating environment.
Links offers a comprehensive and solid base to the child, giving them the tools to become independent motivated learners. Probably their biggest asset is the low child teacher ratio – which at 1:5 ensures that each and every child is catered for and allowed to develop at his/her own place. A place highly conducive to learning!!

Talking Tots

The school is a UK based franchise and we follow the early year’s foundation stage curriculum. All the teachers are Montessori trained and since talking Tots is a franchise, all the teachers are requested to complete certain hours of the taking Tots program and attend in-house workshops. Each class consists of 2 teachers in each class of 12 students. The school focuses on teaching children with a certain fun element and let them enjoy while they study. They make sure no child is left behind and believe that prevention is the best strategy when comes to discipline. So, in a nutshell, if you choose Talking Tots, you’re basically in safe hands and your kid will learn and develop under great scrutiny.

Kinder Academy

Kinder Academy, located in Clifton, follows the internationally acclaimed EYFS and Finnish curriculum. Filling the gaps between conventional and traditional teaching methods, their philosophy lies in recognizing every child’s individuality, a pace of development and helping them benefit through a holistic learning approach. This is achieved through academics, STEAM education, introduction to foreign languages and extracurricular activities (I.e horse riding, ballet etc.) Their Early-Years qualified teachers follow a strict 5:1 ratio. Kinder focuses on positive reinforcement, direct guidance, and reasoning in order to produce confident young leaders of tomorrow. The child-friendly facility is built on international standards and consists of a state-of-the-art Daycare. The fee structure for the Day Care and Preschool can be found on their website.

The Potters House Schooling System

The school is based on the British system, having a play-based environment where they incorporate the “Theory of multiple intelligence” in their syllabus. The school focuses on hiring teachers that are a minimum graduate, fluent in speaking English and also have a diploma in any Montessori course or teaching related or subject related workshops. Their child to teacher ratio is 6:1 so each child gets individual attention. Their school of thought is to work towards molding a child’s cognitive skill, creating distinctive humans with creative minds and high moral values. They mold and prepare children catering to their individual strengths.

Veritas Learning Circle

VLC has developed an in-house curriculum called S.N.A.P (Stories, Nature, Art, and Play). Drawing inspiration from the Finnish system, Reggio Emilia, and the British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, their eclectic approach combines global best practices to create an enriching learning experience for kids. They have ongoing workshops to train their teachers on how to bring out the best in kids in a nurturing and joyful environment. The teacher to student ratio of 1:7 ensures that students are given ample one on one attention.  With a beautiful campus and lots of play invitations, VLC encourages kids to unleash their creativity through outlets such as art, music, sensory activities and pretend play.



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