Memes You Can Relate To On A Saturday

It’s Saturday and whether you are in office, school or working from home today or not, tomorrow you know for sure that it’s an off. Saturday is a day we all wait for; personally, I wait for it more than Friday. Why? Because unlike Friday we don’t have to wake up early today (unless you work on Saturdays) hence you know you can wake up late and there’s no rush to sleep early as the next day is off too. Saturday has got us in a win-win situation. We give you 17 memes which you can relate to on a Saturday.

What’s better than Sunday? Saturday!


Selfie Saturday? Yes, please!

Saturday is the day we relax.

Tolerance level on Saturday is low.

Get the hint, go crazy this Saturday. Just please no illegal actions.

Stay away this Saturday and every other day.

Don’t want to move? that’s okay. It’s Saturday, it’s your lazy day.

Today is not the day to get on our nerves and we are definitely not into any guessing games. Saturday, not a good day to play pranks.

Some big project on the way? get the work done by Friday and if boss still asks you to come on Saturday, call in sick.

This is what happens when you sleep all day long and your special someone misses you.

We just cannot disagree with this.

So, today keep all the sad songs aside. The last thing you want this very day is a track to make you sad when you should be out having fun.

The face of terror and the face of bliss.

Contact those friends who have been lost forever and hit them with sarcasm.


Good morning, Saturday!

We had a long week and the last thing we require is unnecessary advice.

Morning? Nah, the day on Saturday begins after noon.


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