Brown Beauty Gurus You Should Follow

How many times have you scrolled through YouTube opening video after video of white influencers looking for beauty tips and tricks but failed to find anything relevant? Because letโ€™s face it brown skin works differently and what works for white skin will most probably not pan out so well for us desi girls. Not to worry, as we have here a list brown beauty gurus that you can follow and totally relate to.


Lahore based Fatima Irfan Sheikh not only does makeup and hair tutorials but has some great style tips, product recommendations and reviews to share as well. Check her out on instagram and youtube and have a look for yourselves.


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A blooming influencer, follow her youtube channel for affordable product recommendations, clothing hauls and diys.

Anushae khan:

Ansuhae is a Karachi based influencer who does makeup tutorials, style videos and fun vlogs.

ย Kaushal Beauty:

A young Indian girl with 1 miilion youtube subscribers. Follow Kaushal for some amazing makeup tutorials, product reviews and loads skin care tips.


Follow Deepica and learn some useful makeup hacks, beauty tutorials, product recommendations and other fun videos.

Multi-culturalism. Makeup as art. Relationships. Body image. Self love. Clean beauty. ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿพ all topics coming to @livetinted soon. We want to demystify them all & are always looking for fresh perspectives! Nominate someone below to share a #Tintimonial (their personal testimonial on the topics above) w/ the #TintFam or someone would be a dope interview for #HueToKnow (or original video series). Tag them below ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿพ our team will reach out to those who make sense for the stories! xx #livetinted _ P.S. Feedback and data shows us you guys love the smart content & not the sound bitey celeb stuff. You guys want real stories from real people doing big things. It makes my heart so happy to see this bc thatโ€™s the conversation we need to be pushing & the platform we need to be building to really change beauty standards. & if youโ€™re wondering why the topics may feel outside of the scope of the beauty world, we think itโ€™s imp to understand that the Tint Fam has many layers all of which impact what makes them feel beautiful. Beauty is beyond skin deep ๐Ÿ™ƒ & we love going beyond the surface w/ you guys! Please keep the support going & spread the word. Itโ€™s what keeps us running & motivates us to keep pushing. @livetinted xx

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Arshia Moorjani:

Follow Arshiaโ€™s youtube channel to see her create exceptional makeup looks. She also shares some amazing hair tutorials and loads of brown girl appropriate skin and hair care diys.





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