Clothing Lines For Curvy Women

Curves are considered to be sexy and we say why not? We do have brands now that have moved away from size zero and are focusing on the curvy woman. However, it is sad that most of these brands do not cater to the actual plus size women. Females, especially in Pakistan, find it really hard to look for clothes that they can fit in. The struggle is definitely real to search for clothes that compliment your body type and aren’t too tight or too loose and just fit perfectly. Here we give you the answer to your query and tell you about 5 brands which cater to plus size women. For real!

Curvy Q

The name itself reflects the purpose of this online clothing brand which makes women embrace and flaunt their curves. This brand is all about the western clothes, so ladies, those of you who have a hard time getting western clothes in your size, it’s what you should go for!


The first brand in Pakistan to hire plus-size models, Generation, broke a lot of stereotypes with their campaign. It has been in the market for years, and we are so happy to say they have a range of sizes; from petite to extra large. Unlike other brands, their sizes are actually with proper measurements for every body type and not just a size medium in place of size XL.

Nishat Linen

Nishat has some pretty designs and guess what; curvy women can easily find their size off the rack.

Sam J designing and tailoring

An online brand started by a woman so she could provide other women of every body type the kind of clothes they desire to wear. Western or Eastern, anything you say, you’ll get it made here according to your requirements.


This brand has clothes with loose fitting, which can fit women of a bigger size. They also have size XL, so in case you think large won’t fit there is always the extra large size to the rescue.



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