13 Reasons Why Season 2 Trailer Seems Promising

The book ’13 reasons why’ was adapted into a Netflix season which was one of the most watched shows on Netflix last year. The book ended but the season has just begun, the trailer for season 2 is out and on 18th May the season 2 will be on screen. Great news right?

The trailer begins with “it felt like this whole thing is going to be over but it’s not,” Clay Jensen is the center of attention from the beginning of the trailer. A Polaroid picture comes in frame stating ‘Hanna wasn’t the only one’ the dingy light of the scene just gives it a more dramatic feel along with that note on the picture followed by the song ‘How far does the dark go’ giving the whole feel to the season 2 as haunting. What was that about? Is someone playing a prank on the already scared Clay?

As the teaser goes on unfolding, Tony burns a letter. What was in that letter? A letter by Hannah or some evidence towards the note that Clay got earlier? Absurd words written for Jessica, is that pointing towards the rape claim she puts on her ex-boyfriend, Bryce?

Back when season one was wrapped, fans theorized that the second season would involve a school shooting. Can it be the school photographer, Tyler, who was secretly crushing on Hannah in the last season? All those pictures surely lead us to suspect someone with a camera.

The Polaroid pictures are scattered with narration from Hannah, ‘you don’t know what was happening in this photo. You don’t know what happened after.’ Followed by Bryce saying ‘we are all in this together.’ What happened, who’s doing all this? We need to know!

The trailer seems so engaging that we cannot wait for 18th May to come any sooner. What is this season about? Who is behind all this? For all these questions to be answered we all sit waiting for the season 2 to come on screen. 13 episodes, we are sure each one will have us biting our nails. Things have gotten quite intense with this trailer, see it for yourself. So many queries and we cannot wait for the cat to be out of the bag!


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