Lazy Girl Style Hacks For This Summer

Do you ever have those days where dressing up and going out seems like too much of an effort? Or are you just a perpetually lazy girl who can’t be bothered? We’ve compiled some ‘lazy girl’ style hacks to ensure that you’re comfortable and you still look on point! That’s right- it’s totally possible to have the best of both worlds!


We’ve taken a little style inspo from the stars here as celebrities seem to be all about dressing up sweatpants lately. Gigi Hadid is the queen of making sweatpants look formal and well show you exactly which looks you can recreate. You can pull them off to a formal occasion by making sure your hair is groomed well so it looks slick instead of sloppy or you can throw on a pair of heels under.


With summers approaching you can get the same edgy leather jacket vibe by replacing it with a summer jacket. Throw it over your shoulders to make any outfit look polished and put- together. Polish up the look even further and make it summer friendly by putting your hair in a top bun.

Opt For Accessories 

Pairing any outfit with a statement necklace, earrings or sunglasses can instantly make it look dressy. Pair your everyday white or black tee with any statement accessory to make it look like you actually made an effort.

Wear Minimal Makeup And Use A Setting Spray To Top It Off! 

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Which of these lazy girl style hacks will you be using this summer?



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