Komal Rizvi’s Mash Up Of Aitebar And Immortal

Komal Rizvi, the Coke Studio Daanah Pey Daanah singer has come up with a new song which is a mash up of Evanescence’s My Immortal and Junaid Jamshed’s Aitebar. Unfortunately as much as we love these two tracks it’s safe to say justice has not been served to Vital Signs.

Her vocals were on point with Immortal, maybe if she had it left to one song things could have worked but too many cooks spoil the broth and the exact same happened with her new track.

Immortal has been sung fine and no personal touches are given to this song. Although, sad to say Junaid Jamshed’s Aitebar should not have been picked. The original song itself is iconic and loved by many but this new version to it, with a twist of its own this does not have the same effect as one would hope. Yes, when we say twist, we mean the lyrics have been changed. We wish the Washmallay singer had just focused on Immortal.

The video portrays a toxic relationship and we still cannot wrap our heads around it.

My Immortal and Aitebar by Komal Rizvi

Komal's new mashup of "My Immortal" and "Aitebar – which is inspired by the Vital Signs" is out!!!Follow me : www.instagram.com/komalrizviofficialMusic by : Komal and Ash Imran Hair & Makeup by Saman salon and spaStyling by Adden HalepotoAudio Studio: Genius RecordsDirection: CVirusSpecial thanks to male model #AmmadQadir MP3 version: https://soundcloud.com/551100/my-immortal-aitebar-by-komal-rizvi#KomalRizvi #CoverSong #Myimmortal #Aitebaar #Mashup

Posted by KOMAL RIZVI Official on Monday, May 7, 2018


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