11 Body Parts Where You Can Get Tattoos That Would Look Sexy!

If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time then it’s no surprise that you’ll be a little anxious about what it might turn out to be. However, if you opt for a smaller tattoo it’s less of a risk and let us tell you that tattoo removal is no cake. So, allow us to guide you to these tiny tattoos that you can try before aiming for bigger ones in future. We rampaged through few Instagram handles and landed on few sexy and chic tattoos ideas for all you first timers out there. Whether you’re looking for a mark with meaning or just a fun design, keep reading to check out all of these teeny-tiny tattoo ideas. Plus, these body parts to get tattoos are pretty nice!

If you intend to add a little color to your tattoo, we’d suggest going for something like a tiny butterfly. It just might add that style/sexy to your entire appearance, plus you can flaunt it whenever you bring your out front or tie them in a bun.

A plain feather adds that certain sophistication plus getting it on your arm will certainly amplify that style statement you’re looking for.

Getting a tattoo behind your ear seems like a really difficult thing to do and just might need you to build up a lot of courage but honestly, in the end, it’s all about your love for tattoos, isn’t it?

Remeber that dialogue from The Notebook? ‘If you’re a bird, I’m a bird,’ doesn’t this give away that vibe? Plus its so chic you won’t regret getting it!

Opt for a tattoo above your heel since that looks very eye-catching and at the same time, it’ll be at a place where you don’t even need to make any efforts to flaunt it.

How can you not fall in love with this delicate heart on a wrist? How chic is this?


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This takes the cake! If you’re that kind of a girl who’s not too big on accessories, then designing some ink on your ear would save you a lot of trouble and amp up your style game.

Tiny #tulip by @hktattoo_mini · Hong Kong 🇭🇰

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If you want to rock that crop on your best friends mehendi this year, then let us give you the inspiration to pair up with your belly ring and get that desirable feature. You can also get this tatt in black and white if not colored.

City of stars, by @masa_tattooer · Seoul 🇰🇷

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This tattoo is perfect if you want to flaunt those backless dresses! Get something like this on your spine if you want to go an extra mile with inking yourself!

Amazing spine tattoo on @mirabergmann 💕😍

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Who would ever want to take off an anklet like that?

Elegant #anklet by the very talented Michelle Santana @mnsantanatattoo · NYC 🇺🇸

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Go for something basic her on your finger, this is perfect for women who love rings.


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