The Little Mermaid Movie Trailer

We all have grown up watching Disney cartoons, whether you’re a girl or a boy you know Disney fairytales have played a vital role in your childhood. Many cartoons have been adapted into movies; Mirror Mirror and Maleficent are two classic examples.

This trailer, on the other hand, got us really excited that Little Mermaid is being made into a movie but to our dismay, it is nothing like the original cartoon. This is a Netflix production and has a different plot. Directed by Chris Bouchard and Blake Harris, the cast members include Jarred Sandler, Gina Gershon, Poppy Dray and Shirley MacLaine.

The genre of this movie is drama and fantasy but instead of Ursula planning her wicked schemes and Sabastian trying to keep Ariel out of trouble, this film revolves around the circus. This seems like a good entertainer no doubt but maybe they should have named it something else since the title ‘The Little Mermaid’ really got our hopes high that our favorite childhood princess is now being featured as a real-life princess. The movie releases on August 17th.


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