Meesha Shafi On WOW Rally

Meesha Shafi had to face the music after she accused Ali Zafar of sexual harassment. The Ayaa lariye singer deactivated her social media accounts previously and rumors had it that she has packed her bags for Canada.

Shafi is not someone to be easily told off; she is bold, beautiful and not afraid to speak her mind out.

Shafi put an end to the Canada rumors when she posted a picture of herself riding with another girl. The picture portrays her being a part of Women On Wheels, a project which aims to provide women in Punjab more than 3,000 customized motorcycles.

The star has not gone anywhere, she is right here in Pakistan helping empower women. There is no stopping her.

No matter what the final verdict comes out regarding the Ali Zafar V/S Meesha Shafi case, we are glad women like Shafi exist who don’t hesitate to support other women to come out of their shell.


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