Pakistani Actors Protest Against Excessive Airing Of Foreign Content

Even after the massive evolvement of the Pakistani media industry and production of local quality content, foreign content is still being excessively aired on some TV channels.

According to the law, only 10% airtime is allowed for foreign shows and the rest of 90% including prime time is supposed to air Pakistani content.

The United Producers Association has brought the issue to light and tried to approach the Chief Justice Pakistan demanding that the law is strictly implemented. The UPA has asked for the regulation of content being aired by TV channels and to ensure that only Pakistani dramas are aired at prime time. The Association has been actively posting on twitter and voicing their demands.

A group of Pakistani actors gathered in front of the court to get their protest recorded against the excessive airing foreign content. Renowned personalities of the industry including Faisal Qureshi, Ijaz Aslam, Adnan Siddiqui and Samina Ahmed were seen standing with placards in their hands at the protest.

Faisal Qureshi expressing his concern said, ” There is a law that says TV channels can only run 10% of foreign content during their airtime. But there are some TV channels that flout this law. This is a huge problem, especially during prime time. During prime time if we don’t show our local content, it’s a big loss for the industry.” He further went on add, “If I’m involved in a production, there are also hundreds of other people involved in that production. Not just the producers or the cameramen but also numerous vendors. So if one of your slots on TV goes towards an Indian drama or foreign content, hundreds of people lose work.”

Even though no official response has been received yet, we hope that strict action is taken by the court.


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