Riri’s Stalker Broke Into Her House

Celebrities have a huge fan following, everywhere they go they’re recognized and people cannot stop gushing about their one fan moment for the rest of their life. However, what if this love for the celebrity turns into an obsession? Rihanna has fans who have become stalkers in the process of adoring her.

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The 30-year-old singer has dealt with several wild fans over the years. In 2016 a man was investigated after sending a death threat to Rihanna and taking a selfie outside her home whereas this was not the only incident, many such cases have happened year after year.

However, this year a 26-year-old man, Eduardo Leon broke into the star’s LA home last Wednesday. He has been accused of felony stalking, burglary and vandalism, reported TMZ.

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Leon was tased and arrested after trespassing Rihanna’s house. Riri was out of town at the time but her assistant discovered Leon the morning after. The stalker entered the house after disarming the security system and stayed within the property for nearly 24 hours before being arrested. Was this his way of showing the love he had for the Umbrella star or was his intention something else? Leon admits his purpose to be there was to have sex with the superstar.

We are glad to say, the singer is safe and sound and the trespasser is behind the bars.


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