8 Medical Myths Busted

We hear so many things and half of the time we just believe them because it has been said so often and by so many people that without doing proper research on it we accept it as the truth and start following it blindly. We give you 8 medical myths that you need to stop following NOW!

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We only use 10% of our brains.

The brain does not have any dormant areas. This myth exists because people want to live under the illusion that they’re capable of more and hence only 10% of the brain is used thus they cannot discover more to themselves. Myth by the lazy ones, we must say.

Chewing gum stays in your stomach for years and can be the cause of your death

We all have heard this, specifically heard it more when we were kids and now we say the same to the little ones. What is the reality behind this? Fibers are just as hard to digest as gum. Despite the stickiness and strange consistency of gum, the body excretes it out just fine. If you accidentally swallow a gum, that is alright, you’re not dying.

Watching television too close can lead to weak eyesight

This may make you aware of your shortsightedness, but it most definitely doesn’t cause it. Either ways you should consult a doctor for an eyesight check up every once in a year at least.

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Chocolate & fried foods give you acne

Hormones are regarded as the major reasons behind sebaceous glands producing excess sebum. anxiety and genetics may also be factors however, the good news is you may eat chocolates and fried food guilt free without worrying about bad skin.

Bed rest will help with a backache

This is usually what we all do, whenever pain occurs in the back we use it as an excuse to be lazy and snuggle up in bed however that is a misconception. Bed rest, in fact, prevents the lower back from recovering fully, delaying the process. Keep yourself occupied with activities, this will also reduce the chance of a backache reoccurring.

Midnight snacks make you gain weight

This is a lie, you may eat whatever you like whenever you like just make sure you burn the calories you’re eating.

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Soup cures your illness

It surely tastes delicious but does that yumminess really restore your health? The hot broth is more of a comfort than a cure as comfort food makes you feel better at the moment. So keep slurping that soup and let it make you feel better.

Pregnancy lasts for 9 months

It’s 40 weeks, not 9 months. You are not PREGNANT for the first 2 weeks as those are the weeks that are during your cycle and fertilization. A full-term pregnancy is anywhere between 38 and 40 weeks. The conception and the delivery have an estimated difference of 38 weeks.

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Source-Live Science 



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