Deepika’s Cannes Look Becomes A Meme

Like every year, the highlight of Cannes 2018 has also been fashion. Who looks how is more talked about than who worked on what. Crazy fashion diaries have been spotted here. However, Deepika this year has been a hit with memes. She made people laugh more than admire her look.

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Here’s what Deepika wore to Cannes.

People, on the other hand, could not hold back the sarcasm.


What do you think about this resemblance?

Was Jurassic Park really the inspiration?

She surely looks stunning

Is it?

We remember doing this when sharpening our pencils, seemed so artistic and even Deepika’s designer thought so hence took an inspiration.

We like that, Dee-Licka perfectly fits this.

We don’t get it, what?

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Waiting for Deepika to do the Lungi dance


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