Actors Speak Up For Gaza

This year’s Cannes Film Festival has turned out to be more than just a film event. From Kristen Stewart taking off her shoes on the red carpet to female actors raising their voice for gender equality, the festival has gained a new political angle.

Members of the Film industry have wisely used the Cannes platform to speak up about issues near to them, proving that the festival more than just the glitz and glam.

The Lebanese actor Manal Issa attended the red carpet for the premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story and protested against the cruel mass murder of Palestinians by the Israeli army that took place a day earlier putting 60 innocent Palestinian lives to an end. She recorded her protest by erecting a placard saying, “Stop the Attack on Gaza.” Hollywood actor Benicio del Toro also showed his solidarity for the cause and joined the protesting party.

This year is also the first time that Palestinians have been given their own pavilion at Cannes where many other countries promote their film industries. A demonstration was also held outside it, where a large group of protesters gathered and stood in a circle holding hands.

The Palestinian film producer and director, May Odeh said, “It’s really crazy to be here with the films, with the filmmakers, talking about our future plans while our kids and families are suffering from the Israeli attack on them.”

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the Palestinians families who lost their loved ones and stand firmly with the actors protesting against the massacre.


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