Is Priyanka’s Hollywood Career Over?

Has Priyanka Chopra’s road to fame in Hollywood come to a dead end?

The Bollywood beauty’s TV show “Quantico,” after successfully airing for three seasons has finally faced the dreaded chop by ABC network, according to reports by Variety.

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After completing a promising season one, the terrorism-based show’s audiences began to find it hard to keep up with the developing story. Viewership declined substantially but, was enough to keep it pushing until the next season. After season 2, ABC nearly canceled the show but it was given another shot at the last moment and a shortened season three was aired. However, it proved to be the last nail in the coffin and the time has come for “Quantico” to be gone for good.

According to reports, the network doesn’t even want the show to end according to schedule as it has been pushed to air on Fridays instead of its regular airtime on Thursday.

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But does the cancellation mean that Priyanka’s career in Hollywood has come to an end? We think not. Looking at the career patterns of Hollywood biggies like George Clooney, Jenifer Aniston, and Mila Kunis all of whom started off from television and went on to do award-winning films, the exceptionally talented Priyanka Chopra’s career is only starting.

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With her tiresome schedule now cleared, the B-town star will be able to accept the offers coming her way. But for the meanwhile, Priyanka has decided to shift her focus back to Bollywood after a 3-year long break and has signed a film, “Bharat” against the superstar Salman Khan.

With her versatile looks, unmatched talent and strong opinions, Priyanka has ruled the hearts of audiences all over the world for decades and we’re sure that many new opportunities will come knocking at her door. However, Alex Perish will certainly be missed.


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