#UrwaFarhan Or #TheRoyalCouple?

December 2016 Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed tied the knot. They had been dating for quite a while and didn’t hesitate to show their love to the world. Urwa got proposed at Paris, right in front of Eiffel Tower and obviously, she said YES! Urwa lived the dream of many romantic hearts out there.

Yess! 😌💍

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You may be wondering why are we telling you all this, this is old news, right? Well, The Royal Wedding reminded Urwa’s official page admin of her wedding days and the admin could not resist but post her wedding pictures alongside with The Royal Couple to show how both the couples indeed shared the same moments on their big day.

The smiles on the brides’ faces are priceless, truly reflects their happiness.

Posted by Urwa Hocane on Sunday, May 20, 2018


Since in Pakistan you have to keep things halal,  this is what Urwa and Farhan’s big moment was! The Royal Couple, on the other hand, was definitely more expressive.

Posted by Urwa Hocane on Sunday, May 20, 2018


One is posed whereas the other is caught in the moment. Which one do you like more?

Posted by Urwa Hocane on Sunday, May 20, 2018


The trolling got bad and the admin didn’t plan on staying quiet.

Twitter always has to pass comments on such occasions.

Did these pictures make you cringe as well?

What did people say in the original post?

Every publicity is good publicity.

Cover up story, a person can just not win.

We keep bringing ourselves down and don’t let anyone else move forward too. When will this complexity end? Sigh*

Pop bursts the bubble!

Confidence or over confidence?

Maybe the love of her life?


Worst post of the year until now. You never know what tomorrow might bring.

There were some who made sane comments too.

Ignorance is a bliss.

She is a known figure is that the reason we smell people burning?

DISCLAIMER- It was NOT Urwa but the admin of the group who posted these pictures.

Honestly, if you ask us we tend to filter everything before reading or listening. Sure, this post gave us a few laughs too but at the same time, we made sure to mention that Urwa did NOT post this, the admin of her page did which is clearly stated but nobody notices such things.


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