Stalking The Stalker

How many times have you had the misfortune of attending to an uninvited guest? That is actually the worst; someone coming in unannounced and making themselves at home. Similar stories happen to us on social media all the time, yet we tend to ignore them. I guess, since it is behind the screen, it looks less daunting; but in all honesty, why entertain such messages from a stranger at all? Many drop one message, whereas others religiously drop texts, clearly not understanding that ‘no replies’ is basically a way of telling them to stop.

Now as they say, “curiosity killed the cat”, I could not help but wonder what goes on in the minds of these men when they message women (regardless of her being married, unmarried, or a mother of 4 kids, whose pictures are clearly visible in her profile picture!). So, I picked out a few messages from my ‘others’ inbox and asked those men: why would they message someone they don’t know? You have to read their answers!

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Personal information, please

So, this message was not creepy but still got me thinking, “why would he randomly send ‘hi’ to someone he does not know?” I decided to reply, and the next thing I know, he wants to know where I live! Also, his reason was that he liked my display picture. Let me tell all you guys out there, some of us are photogenic and some of us are not! Stop with the same old cliche line and, maybe come up with something better!


Are you single?

Since 2016, I have religiously been getting the same message, ‘are you single’? And when asked, “why?” the response I got was classic “it was a mistake.” The same mistake since the past 2 years, this guy really needs to consult a doctor. Although this is not all, he didn’t stop. Talk about persistent!

If not you then someone else

Maybe I seemed like a rishta aunty or he thought I’d know someone and could get him a free ride. He messaged me last year and sadly, he still wasn’t able to lure any girl even with the perfect package he has to offer. When I replied to him, he tried cross-questioning me. Talk about the guts these men have.

So glad to know I got on his nerves and made him admit that he’s a nut case!

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Facebook connecting people

Another ‘hey’ message but with a surprised emoji. I thought, “hey! maybe my beauty got him into this trance and he lost his senses!” So I replied to him, only to ask, “why the message?” So, he started off a bit rude then he tried enlightening me with his knowledge and told me the real purpose of Facebook. We didn’t agree to disagree hence I stopped replying and he surely walked away with his dignity intact. Good small chat.

Degree details, darling

The message came in regarding a university’s information, didn’t know didn’t reply. Replied after a year and he still had the same question, seemed decent, so I replied properly only for him to express his true feelings out. Surprised? I’d say not! Amused? Definitely.


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Honest mistake

We all are humans and at times the situation gets us panicky so lets not always assume things. Get the sarcasm?

Virtual friend

In this one, the moment is gone. Sadly he needed a friend and lucky enough I wasn’t available. Although I hope he found a ‘frand’ to give him a shoulder to cry on.

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Any creepy ‘other’ messages that you got?


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