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Bring The Gym Home With Risha Zia

Have you ever felt demotivated to visit the gym after a tiring day? Wish the gym could somehow come to you? Well, your dreams have just become a reality as the ultimate fitness trainer, Risha Zia is offering her services at the comfort of your home.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It's the courage to continue that counts. Started from UAE in 2013 as fitness instuctor, became certified personal trainer, sport nutritionist, holistic diet consultant and weight management consultant­čśÄbut most of all Im proud to say that im a leading home personal training provider with a very elite and posh clientele consists of famous doctors, Artists, designers, lawyers and entrepreneurs Alhamdulillah­čśç­čśç Thanks to all my clients for always appreciating my talent and services and ignore my non fancyself­čśÇ There is more yet to come InshaAllah­čĹŹ #workhard#successisyours#fitness#personaltraining#groupclasses#fitnfab@fitnasium.studios#workout360@bodybeatcenter#getfitwithrisha­čĹł­čĺ¬

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Risha, The Miracle Worker:

Yes, you heard that right, Risha who has been working as a fitness trainer for 6 successful years is capable of transforming any space at your home into your personal gym, leaving you with absolutely no reason to skip on your workout. Staying true to her claim of being a “miracle worker,” she requires no equipment or proper gym to make sure that you achieve your body goals.

If you shy away from group workouts and require some serious help then Risha is truly the answer to your prayers as she will not only give you individualized attention but also devise a custom training routine fit for your needs. Aside from that Risha is also a certified nutritionist making her the true all-rounder. She guides her clients regarding the diet they should consume and provides them with everything they need to succeed in their journey toward healthy living.

As a nutritionist, Risha defies the stereotypical image of “diet food” that has us thinking of unappetizing and boring meals and completely reinvents in a way that it not only looks lovely on the plate but is also a delight for your taste buds. She often shares pictures of her meals on her Instagram and we kid you not, they will leave your mouth watering. From chocolate cookies to pasta, Risha knows exactly how to curb those cravings without adding extra calories. No wonder her clients love her!

Happy Clients:

Doctors, lawyers, artists, entrepreneurs all trust Risha’s expertise and are a part of Risha’s long list of clientele. The wonder woman has worked with hundreds of people throughout her career not only in Pakistan but also in Dubai and has helped them achieve their body goals. Amongst all those Risha has helped are renowned doctors of Indus Hospital, Dr. Farah Bari, Dr. Lubna Samad, emerging painters, Rabia Farooqi and Rabia Ali and director/producer of Kaydee Films, Khaled Malik.

Body Image Consultancy:

If going through this post you thought that Risha’s services are only geared towards those trying to shed some pounds, you would be pleasantly surprised to know that Risha is a body image consultant and not only does she help people lose weight but also helps them gain it! So if you’re trying to bulk up and feeling helpless Risha is who you need to go to. She will recommend the diet and exercise most suitable for you, making sure you get some meat on those bones.

Where to find Risha?

Risha is currently taking classes at Body Beat Recreational Center and Fitnasium and is also available as a personal trainer. Not only that but she is also a qualified sports nutritionist and serves as a board member of Tennis Guild Academy

So if you’re looking to get in shape before Eid, you’ve got to check out all that the “miracle worker,” Risha has to offer. Just head on over to her Instagram “Get fit with Risha” and get your slot booked before itÔÇÖs too late.


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