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In Conversation With Blogger/ Entrepreneur Hina Ilyas

In this time when female empowerment has become a popular concept and women all over the world are trying to establish themselves in their own capacities, we are sure there are many who aspire to have a business of their own. To inspire all our budding readers we spoke to the young female entrepreneur Hina Ilyas, who runs the popular blog Hashtagged and a virtual management agency and shared her story.












1- How long have you been blogging for and how do you stay motivated to keep it running?

I have been blogging for 4 years, but I officially launched Hashtagged in 2016.I don’t really have to push myself to blog as I thoroughly enjoy writing and want to turn blogging into a full-time career. But yes, there are always days when life gets in the way. In such situations I break down tasks into simple steps, like rescheduling blog graphics design for the next day instead of the very same day.  It helps me feel more productive.

2- What are your favorite types of posts to do?

I am a fan of easy to consume, conversational content so I like creating listicles and How tos. I try to keep my listicles light and humorous. Whereas How to posts help me connect with readers as they are more personalized and let me share whatever I know best.

3- Your blog is mostly life and style but you recently did a series on Cancer. Does that hold any personal significance?

Yes, a friend’s mom’s illness and another friend’s ongoing tests made me start this series. I collaborated with an RN to learn about cancer preventions and hope it has helped my readers.

4- Have you ever thought of starting a Youtube channel?

Yes, definitely. I will feature my first Vlog on Youtube in July. Right now, I am still getting things ready.

5- You also have a virtual management agency. Please tell us how a virtual agency works?

I own a virtual management agency by the name of “The Virtual Nut”. The idea of virtual management is to have a remote team that is empowered to work from anywhere around the world without needing a physical space. A virtual agency provides services like administration, digital media management, communication, HR management, research and development etc. virtually. For instance, The Virtual Nut assists clients with social media management, design development, content development and marketing, and web development. Here technology becomes an enabler in all organizational and managerial tasks.

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6- Isn’t virtual management same as freelancing? If not, then how?

You can say that but freelancers work solo whereas a virtual management agency has a team assigned to different clients and reports to a project manager.

7- A virtual agency is a new concept. How did you get the idea to start your own?

I came across the idea of virtual assistance when I started freelancing andregistered to webinars from successful international coaches and bloggers.

8- How many people did you start out with and how many people do you currently have on your team? also, where are they from?

I started solo and now have a team of 6 people. My remote team is currently based in Pakistan but I am open to hiring resources internationally.

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9- How do you successfully manage and coordinate a virtual team? Do you have anyone helping you out?

It becomes quite challenging sometimes, because the freelancers in my team have their own working schedule, nevertheless, I use a website “Trello” to organize work and use email and skype for coordination.  I am very lucky to have found an efficient, tech savvy team!

10- If someone wishes to approach you for your services, what is the way to go about it?

They can send me an email at hina.ilyas4@gmail.com or via my blog and VA site at www.hashtagged.com.pk and https://thevirtualnut.wixsite.com/thevirtualnut

11- What are your dreams with your agency?

I would like to grow my agency into a forum where freelancers are able to pick VA projects locally and internationally and get training and guidance regarding virtual assistance.


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