Crayola’s Nostalgic Makeup Collection

Crayola, the crayon brand that’s been making our life more colorful since 1884 has now launched a makeup line exclusively on ASOS Beauty.

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The makeup they released will tug at every one of your nostalgic little heartstrings. Just what we needed this summer, some memories down the school lane only now that we have grown up and the new edition fulfills our adult life criteria. We cannot control our happiness!

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Who knew that the most wanted summer makeup launch wouldn’t even be from a beauty company!

Delight your inner child with cute retro packaging. Instead of paper now your face is your canvas, go play with these!


Yes, these are for your face! Too much to take in, right?

It’s makeup shaped like crayon, eeeeee!

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I’m a highlighter hoarder and guess what? Crayola did not disappoint me! The variety is vast.

Lip and cheek crayons.

We just cannot hide our excitement. This makeup edition brings back so many memories! Cannot wait to use these crayon shaped makeup products.

This crayon collection by Crayola is all set to invade our makeup bags.


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