Kate Spade Leaves A Legacy Behind

Yet again,  the fashion industry mourns as another designer passes away. Kate Spade at the age of 55, departed from this world but she left behind all those years of her impact on the fashion world. What we know for sure is she may not be amongst us but her fashion, her creations will always be around us and shall be cherished throughout.

She lead a successful life and today as she left the world, this tragic news has made our heart cry. We thought to walk through her journey one last time.


It all started back in 1993 but it was in 1996 when the first shop in New York City swiftly opened.


In 1998 Designer brings back house the Worldwide Award for her effect.



In 2003, Kate, as seen at the Met Gala with Andy, a leader in the accessories industry.


2004 the Digital storefront took place. One of the first fashion brands to move into e-commerce. The designer, advertising, and marketing govt intention to carry their lucid perspective online.


A new chapter began in 2006. Liz Claiborne Inc. buys Kate Spade New York and sells the company to Neiman Marcus Group for $125 million in 2007.


By 2008 although Kate was not part of the firm, her distinctive sense of favor continued to make a cultural influence, as seen right here in CW’s teen drama, Gossip Girl.


After a gap of 6 years, in 2016 the dynamic business partners decide to start over with a new brand, Frances Valentine. Although the company has no affiliation to Kate Spade New York, it places Kate’s super-feminine, Americana aesthetic in the forefront, making the brands somewhat similar in design.



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