Simple Tips To Make Your Hair Dyes Last Longer

Dying is the perfect way to revamp your boring old hair and give it a whole new look. But while we all love those ombres and balayages, maintaining colored hair can be hard and often has us making frequent trips to the salon. If you too are tired of getting touch-ups every few days, here are some tips that can make your hair dye last much longer.


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Moisture is your hair’s best friend. The more moisturized your hair is the better it will hold the color. So make sure you listen to your mom everytime she asks you to oil your hair and make it a routine. You can use coconut oil for the purpose or any other that suits you best.

Shampoo routine:

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While there are many who are under the impression that more shampoo is good for hair, it is actually the other way around. Too much shampoo dries out the hair and makes your dye look dull and wears it out. In order to make your hair color last longer, it is recommended that you space out your shampoo days as much as possible and let the natural hair oils (read: grease) do its magic.

Color Protecting Shampoo:

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If you’re someone who gets frequent dyes it is absolutely crucial that you use a color protecting shampoo as it will make sure your color stays locked in for as long as possible. Look for a shampoo that’s color protecting and sulfate free.

Apple cider vinegar:

Use apple cider vinegar to remove build-up.

ACV has some amazing benefits for your hair and skin. If your hair dye is looking dull or worn out just prepare an ACV rinse with one part vinegar and three parts of water and pour it over your head after you’ve shampooed and conditioned. You may dry the hair as usual after the rinse or wash it off with fresh water after 10 to 15 minutes. ACV will bring back the lost shine from your hair making your color look vibrant and refreshed.

Shower temperature:

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Showering with warm water can seem tempting but its the worst for your skin and hair. Hot water strips all the moisture from your hair and makes the color wear out much sooner. So make sure you use cold water for rinsing your hair.


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Your shower water plays a key role in making your dye last longer. Hard mineral water can be very damaging to the hair and wears out your dye much faster. If you want long-lasting color make sure to use fresh water when washing your hair. You can install a shower filter or use drinking water for your hair in case your house doesn’t have fresh water.


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