Saudi Arabia’s Drone Fashion Show

I am guessing we all came across of the videos of drones flying with abayas hanging on them on our social media. Like most of you, I randomly scrolled through thinking it was some sort of a joke. Until now, when my colleagues told me that such was not the case and in fact, it was an actual fashion show that took place in Saudi Arabia.
Instead of women models, they had drones showcasing the collection. Is Saudi Arabia so ahead of times that they have already started proving humans are not needed and the technology is all set to replace them?

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The event, dubbed Fashion House, coincided with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. It was held this past weekend at the Jeddah Hilton hotel and was hosted by part of the royalty-aligned religious Al ash-Sheikh family. The idea behind the event, Hanen Aljawharji, who presented at Fashion House told INSIDER, was to showcase Saudi Arabia’s evolving technology achievements through a fashion show. Also, maybe this was a way to keep modesty during Ramadan? There was no music as well.

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As part of that, Fashion House used drones instead of runway models.

But let’s not be too quick to judge, Aljawharji, the designer behind the Saudi Arabian abaya brand Vogueaholic said, “ The event was focusing on the new technology, and the new era in technology, in the Middle East, rather than just normal, traditional, old school modeling.” She also added, “We got influenced by Milan.”

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“It’s not an issue having modeling here. It’s kind of being more religious,” Aljawharji said. “This is the holy month of ours, so [models would] be wearing stuff that’s not appropriate… We keep the respect of the religion and the rules.”

No music, no models, why didn’t they just postpone the fashion show?


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