Accessorize Your Hands This Eid

We are sure you must have decided by now what you’ll be wearing on Eid, if not yet then at least you know the shops you’ll be shopping from. However, in all this, you surely have this certain look in your head where the clothes, shoes, makeup, and hair all are intact but you know what is usually neglected? Your hands. Getting henna applied on Chand raat is not enough! You really cannot just overlook those hands. They need to look pretty too!

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We give you easy ways to accessories those hands.

Nail paint

We understand if you don’t get time to go get yourself a manicure but the least you can do is, trim those nails (filing them would be even better!) and apply nail polish. Guaranteed, you’ll instantly feel your hands look prettier.

Arm Chain

This Eid will be HOT! If you plan on wearing sleeveless then this is the best option for you.

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Hand Chain

This works as a bracelet and ring, you don’t have to go around looking for two things. Wear this and complete your look without over-doing it.

Bracelet and Bangles

Pick whatever you like, the bracelet looks elegant whereas bangles especially if you go for chooriyan surely give that Eid look.


Rings play an essential part in how your hands look and they enhance your look even more. Be it normal rings or mid rings they make your hand look more attractive.


Most importantly, don’t forget to wear a watch! It adds great appeal to your overall look and elegant appearance. You must work on having a huge selection of watch bands that serve best for different occasions.


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