Easy Heat-less Hairdo’s To Rock This Eid

Eid is only a few days away and we’re sure everyone is just as excited as we are. Girls always want their clothes, makeup and hair to be on point for eid as it is the perfect occasion to dress up. And while clothes and makeup are relatively easy to sort out, hair can be a struggle! Especially in the crazy heat and humidity when we’re all dealing with frizzy hair, any heat styling is likely to completely vanish in a few minutes. Since we don’t want our lovely women to worry about looking like a baby lion as soon as they step out of the AC, we have here for you some easy heat-less hairdos that are perfect to rock this eid.

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Trendy half top knot:

The half top knot is a super cute way to have your hair out of your face. Not to mention it takes only a few minutes to create and looks good on both short and long hair.

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Messy bun:

The messy bun is a great hairstyle to wear all year round but its especially ideal for the summer time. Oh and if you’re feeling lazy on Eid day but still want to look chic then messy bun is definitely the way to go.

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Half french braid:

If you want to do something a little extra but still easy then opt for a half french braid. To create the look just french braid the top half of your hair and follow with a simple braiding, leaving the remaining half of hair as is.

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Simple braided bun:

The simple braided bun is perfect for eid dinners and easy enough to be created by everyone. To make a braided bun, tie your hair in a ponytail and braid it. Then just wrap the braided ponytail into a bun, securing with bobby pins and that’s it, you’re ready to flaunt your chic hairdo.

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Twisted side braid:

The twisted side braid is a cute, girly hairstyle that looks great on everyone and requires no heat or expertise to create. To create the look part your hair on the side and twist the broader side from the front. Then braid the rest of the hair to the side and you’re done!

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Messy high ponytail:

The messy high ponytail has got to be one of the easiest hairdos to create and looks great on formal dinner or casual Eid lunches. To get that perfect messy ponytail just tease your hair at the top of your head and then tie them all into the ponytail. The teasing will add some volume to the crown of your head and give that “messy” look. To add the extra oomph tease the pony itself too and you’re all set.

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