Jacqueline Fernandez Glad To Be Able To See Through Her Eyes

Race 3” is definitely going to be a movie Jacqueline will remember all her life and not only for being a pivotal project of her career but also for giving her a permanent eye injury.

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Back in March during the shoot of a squash sequence in “Race 3,” Jacquline suffered a smilingly minor eye injury. The actress was however rushed to the hospital in Abu Dhabi but she recovered rather quick and continued the shooting. When the news broke, the producer Ramesh Taurani commented,“Yes, it was a minor injury. Jacqueline was hurt above the eye while playing squash. She is better now and has resumed shooting.”

While the producer made no big deal out of Jacqueline’s injury it turns that it is actually very serious and has deformed the shape of the actress’ iris permanently.

Jacquline shared a photo of her damaged iris with her fans on Instagram but seemed only positive as she expressed her gratitude for her sight. She said, “So it’s a permanent injury and my iris will never be a perfect round again but so so grateful I can see!!”

The star has been pretty excited about her role in the movie as it shows her as a strong, impactful woman no less than the male characters, speaking of her role she said, “It is great to see that we are getting the opportunity to project ourselves like real fighters and as strong as our male counterparts. My character fights the way a girl would fight in real life if she is attacked.”

Well, we sure hope that the movie does well at the box office and is worth the permanent eye injury.


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