Nouman Ali Khan Hits Back

Nouman Ali Khan is a well known Islamic scholar who preaches people and guides them towards Islam. He enlightens the people towards Islam in a more modern way as compared to other intellectuals, making it easier for the youngsters to understand and follow the right path.

He went live on Facebook yesterday and did a session in Urdu. Usually, his lectures are in English. It’s certainly a good gesture for our locals, particularly those whose understanding of the Urdu language is better. Khan was able to enlighten them with his Islamic knowledge in a language and reach out to a wider audience.

However, this live session was not all about lecturing people. Nouman Ali Khan kept things interesting by replying to people; he actually answered back people’s comments which made it more engaging. Some answers were sweet whereas few had a bit of humour in them. We enjoyed the lecture and at the same time enjoyed his witty replies.

He gave all the credits to the light, how humble.

What’s wrong in keeping your nose in your own business? Nouman keeps it short and simple.

Nobody can always get what they want and Nouman is not a people pleaser.

He wasn’t afraid to admit what he does not know. Whattay courageous man.


Hum bhi bula lay?

See, what he doesn’t know he doesn’t know and he shall admit it.

And yet he planned on doing the live video.


Open challenge.

Problem solved.

That Punjabi though.

Sweet dreams.

Mic drop!

Yes yes.

Long lost brothers with same names?

Such discoveries.


His replies were savage, what do you think?

To see the live video here’s the link.

Urdu session. That means not in English.

Posted by Nouman Ali Khan on Sunday, June 10, 2018


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