Trending: Accessorize Your Outfit With A Lizard, Crocodile Or Python

Ever thought of styling your favorite outfit with a lizard, python or a crocodile?  No, right? Well, you might want to think again because a popular brand in Pakistan is now producing some real fancy animal skin bags that feel just like a cuddly reptile.

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The renowned Pakistani brand Elan, known for their exquisite bridals and contemporary pieces have just launched a limited handbag collection made from real animal skin. The collection is being proudly advertised on the brand’s social media sites and has been made available in stores as well. The creative director, Khadijah herself has also expressed her joy over skinning animals to make mere accessories and said, “I’m just super proud of this collection. We’ve achieved an international standard of quality and design and have received a phenomenal response from our international as well as local patrons – the appreciation helps us to scale further heights!” The collection called “Sauvage Couer” translates to”Wild Heart” and features handbags made exclusively from “exotic” python, lizard and crocodile skin, handcrafted in Italy.

While the collection is sold out on the website and people seem to be in love with it, there are also those who still have a functioning conscience and awareness of animal right who have retaliated against the absurd, cold-hearted collection and tried to communicate their concerns to the brands. Many devoted Elan customers have also vowed to never buy from the brand again, in order to get their disapproval noted and tagged Pakistan Animal Welfare Society on Elan’s social media sites in a desperate attempt to have an action taken against the brand.

Even though plenty of people have even lodged a complaint with the brand, they are yet to receive an apology because there can obviously be absolutely no justification for cruelty. While we sincerely hope that Elan realizes the severity of their actions and issues a public apology, we think some action needs to be taken against the brand in order to discourage such acts in the future.


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