Watch Out For These Eid Selfies

Eid is right around the corner and we are sure the preparations shall keep on going till the last minute. It’s still not confirmed which day will it be, Friday or Saturday but all we know whichever day it is, our social media timelines will be filled with Eid pictures and selfies, and even better the pictures will start flooding in from chand raat.

However, what I have learned in all these years is that there are certain types of pictures which go on circulating on my social media every single time and I believe all you out there witness similar pictures.

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There is a way of taking pictures, we are sure all you selfie freaks know that but where you know what to do, do you know what NOT to do?

Note down these pointers and please make sure you do not make these mistakes with your pictures.

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One Pose Hundred Pictures

Understandable that you want the perfect picture but please, the trial and errors for that one picture are meant to be in your gallery not on your Snapchat, Instagram, and WhatsApp stories. Honestly, if you keep posting one pose with different angles then it loses the charm, all anyone will do is tap tap and story ends. In all that the main perfect picture shall be lost. So, kindly don’t go on flooding!

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People this is important, VERY important! Check where you’re taking the picture doesn’t matter if the lighting is perfect at that corner whereas the surrounding is of a messy room then kindly either fix that mess or pick another place because the background can make or break a picture.

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Pictures with the Elders

What I have usually noticed is that whenever someone puts a picture with their elders they really don’t care how the other person looks, at times it’ll be a smiling you with your grandma having a frown or looking somewhere else. You, look drop dead gorgeous in the picture whereas your granny is not posing at all! Stop being selfish and make sure both of you look good in the picture. Sure, people will drop in comments saying, “Mashallah,” and “beauties.” But trust me, don’t believe every comment you see.

Group Photos

Genuinely saying, pick one group photo and that’s good enough. No one is interested in seeing trillion group photos with the same pose and every picture is posted because in one someone doesn’t look good whereas in the other he looks good and you know how it goes. Pick the best one and keep quality over quantity.

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Fake Candids

We know candids don’t look like that, sure get those pictures taken but at least don’t caption such obvious pictures as ‘candid’ when it is pretty clear they are not.


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