Trump Responds To De Niro’s Curses

Veteran Hollywood actor, Robert Di Nero took the stage at the prestigious Tony awards held this past weekend and went slightly off script to express his political views.

Di Nero went on stage to introduce his old friend, the singer/ songwriter Bruce Springsteen, who was to perform the heartfelt song “My Hometown” but instead of the expected warm speech, Di Nero yelled out, “I’m gonna say one thing: F*** Trump” And to make sure he was heard loud and clear by everyone in the room, the “The Raging Bull actor put his fists up and said, “It’s no longer ‘down with Trump.’ It’s ‘f*** Trump.” While the Oscar winner’s statement filled the hall with laughter and applause, over 6 billion American television viewers heard a bleep and then witnessed a standing ovation by the audiences.

Well, Trump is definitely not one to sit quietly, especially not after being insulted on live television and as expected has finally publicised his response.

While the awards were airing the president was on his way to Singapore to meet Kim Jong Un. But now that he’s back he took to Twitter and said, “Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I watched him last night and truly believe he may be “punch-drunk.” I guess he doesn’t .realize the economy is the best it’s ever been with employment being at an all time high, and many companies pouring back into our country. Wake up Punchy!”

We sure hope this will be the end of this public conversation between the actor and the president and that the topic will not be dragged further.


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