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Discovering The Treasures of The Vault

How hard is it to find original branded makeup, shoes and bags in Pakistan? We are sure all you makeup lovers are sick and tired of waiting on online pages for taking months in bringing your desired product to your doorstep. Other than that, there is always a fear regarding the authenticity of the product. Surely, there are stalls and exhibitions that one may come across occasionally but let’s be honest, we need a place where we can go anytime and not wait for a specific event to get what our heart desires.

The Vault is your one-stop-shop solution. You get not only makeup here but a variety of bags, children clothes and many other accessories. They carry brands like Tory Burch, M.A.C, Ralph Lauren and many many more.

It is definitely making things easier for several women, especially mothers who get no time. Now, they can just visit The Vault at Emerald mall and shop for themselves along with their kids. I mean, why compromise on anything?

The Vault is actually a collaboration of two online pages: Kidzenstyle and Make up & accessories.These two online pages provide different products, Kidzenstyle are the pioneer in bringing TUTU dresses to Pakistan and also bring USA branded bags, shoes and clothes for children whereas Make up & accessories stock all the latest highlighters, mascaras, lipsticks and any makeup product you can think of!

There is no hide and seek game here, what you see is what you get. You do not even have to worry about the product matching the picture on the online page as you can look through the creation right there and then. The product you want will be right in front of your eyes.The Vault assures you that their product is genuine and your money will not be wasted.

This brand has been established for the past 8 years and no complaints have surfaced when it comes to customer service and quality. They keep in stock the latest and trending items as well as the classic makeup products. If you want anything from the United States (where all the good makeup products usually are!), The Vault is your answer.

They have an online page on Facebook (facebook.com/thevault203) and Instagram (Thevault203) along with a website (www.thevault.pk) and Snapchat (thevault203). You don’t only get to shop but you can also keep yourself up to date with the latest trends as their social media and website is quite active. If you follow it religiously, you can get to know about any sales or discounts that they might be having.  Fabulous, isn’t it?


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