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In Conversation with K-Town’s Trending Makeup Artist- Ayesha Mushtaq

When you think of professional makeup artists, you probably assume that they hail from culture capitals like New York, Paris, or Milan — but lately, Pakistanis have been making a splash on the beauty scene. Recently, some of the most popular pictures in our feeds have been created by our very own Pakistani make up artists. Ayesha Mushtaq is a name that keeps popping on our social media very often. Her work leaves us in awe every time we come across it.
This girl definitely knows how to satisfy all our make up needs and leave us awestruck with her work. Read below to find out more about Ayesha and her work.

Q) Please tell us a little about yourself?

A) For starters, a lot of people don’t know I’m a final year student at IBA- many people fail to understand how I’ve chosen makeup artistry over a corporate life. But that’s because I strongly believe in doing what you love- and for me, that’s makeup! While being a student, I trained from Natasha’s salon, Babar Zaheer and have also been an online student at Dress Your Face (DYF) academy. During this time I realised I actually enjoy doing makeup on others way more than I enjoy doing it on myself!

Q) How did your career in the world of beauty begin?

A) It was an experiment to be honest- I had no idea whether it would work out or not. I was always good at art but I never really got to pursue it till about three years ago when I started taking makeup classes and became really passionate about it. I decided to gather a few of my friends for a fun makeup shoot- next thing I know people started liking my work and were approaching me for more! Word got around faster than I had expected and I was given a couple shoots to work for along with a bunch of clients in the same year.

Q) Where do you get your make up inspiration from?

A) My makeup is inspired mainly from fashion and celebrities- I follow fashion events like the New York Fashion week or the Met Gala and get inspired by let’s say Mahira Khan’s retro wing liner from Cannes or Blake Lively’s nude lip from the Met and bring it all together.

Q) What are the 3 makeup products you swear by?

A) Firstly, Tarte shape tape concealer is a life saver for dark circles! Secondly, better than sex mascara by Too Faced- it literally makes your eye pop! Lastly, Inglot gel liner/liquid liner gives the perfect black pigment- ain’t no liner blacker than Inglot!

Q) What is your go to make up look?

A) My go to makeup look is always a natural one- I love accentuating the natural features so I usually just cover the under eyes with a concealer, make the lashes fluttery with some mascara and pair it with a soft rosy blush along with a matte lip color!

Q) What does your typical day look like?

A) I don’t have a set routine; I could either start off my day by going to college or dealing with clients for a nikkah they have in the afternoon. A typical day, however, would include attending classes in the morning, dealing with party/bridal clients during the day and then taking out some time to hit the gym all while trying to balance it out by spending time with my family and friends.

Q) What is the most common make up mistake you see on Pakistani girls?

A) The wrong foundation shade!! I see so many girls wearing shades lighter than their natural skin tone and it just ends up looking grey and unnatural- we really need to stop promoting fair complexion in our society and promote natural beauty instead. People from the western side of the world would die to have complexions like ours and we need to start appreciating what we have!

Q) Any client horror/funny stories?

A) There are many- from clients dozing off while getting their makeup done to them ensuring that I contour their face (which I will obviously). This once, one of my brides slept while I was doing her makeup and she woke up thinking she had missed her wedding… She was only out for 15 minutes!

Q) What is the most fun project you have worked on so far?

A) The most fun project I’ve done uptil now has got to be Muv-a-lean. It was a Halloween themed gym day at MUV base where I had to do makeovers for their instructors. The looks ranged from vampires to unicorns to scary dolls, the looks were a lot of fun and different from the usual stuff I do!

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

A) 5 years down the lane I see myself as an established makeup artist with my work expanding to editorials and branching out more toward bridal makeovers.

Q) What is the biggest misconception regarding new makeup artists?

A) I think a lot of people don’t trust new makeup artists. There’s a huge misconception about their capability, people tend to underrate new artists just because they’re not charging you a fortune or merely because they’re new. Makeup is art, those who possess this art will execute it regardless of being old or new.

Q) What sets you apart from the other makeup artists?

A) My dedication towards my clients and my non-cakey base. I always discuss the look in detail with my clients to make sure they get exactly what they want and I do the whole makeup look myself. I’m also super particular about the base- I cannot stand a cakey base or a cakey makeup look altogether, so I make sure the makeup is natural and seamless.

Q) Your beauty advice for women who know nothing about makeup?

A) Makeup is not a competition; it’s all about what feels best for you. If you don’t like applying makeup, that’s completely your choice- your smile is enough to carry that beautiful face. If you’re obsessed with makeup- go all out! Wing that liner, slay that contour and go gaga. It all comes down to personal preference. Just make sure you’re confident with whatever you do- confidence is key to beauty!

Want to see more of her work? You can check it out at:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/makeupbyayesha.m/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyayesha.m/


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